Diritto Penale

The law firm of Giacomo Grasso was one of the first legal practices, of national dimensions, present in Italy to institute an internal department specifically dedicated to criminal law, with the ability to assist its clients in both the preventative phase, to assess and reduce criminal risks especially in the field of business activity, and in the juridical phase, carrying out defence in criminal court hearings.

The firm assists companies and individuals (managers, administrators and employees of a company) in the area of so-called ‘White Collar’ crimes and represents clients  in every relative type of criminal procedure (regarding, for example, business offences, bankruptcy, environmental crimes, work health and safety crimes, crimes against industry, the trade and protection of perishable goods, fraud and property crime, including recycling, corruption, extortion and offences against the public administration, of falsification and data processing, etc.).

We provide consultancy on the subject of medical professional liability, privacy and defamation.

We assist clients who are victims of crime, having significant experience in presenting information before the specific, most specialised bodies. We then follow our clients in the civil action of a criminal proceeding and give assistance to all victims of crime.

We have acquired vast experience in the field of so-called defensive investigations, which are carried out directly for both the suspect and the crime victim. Qualified experts and investigators are used where needed, who operate under strict coordination with the firm associates. This happens for important investigations on road accidents with casualties, for data-processing and environmental crimes, for investigation on economic and associative crimes, as well as for medical liability and to find traces of crime in cases of stalking and general violence to individuals and minors.

The professionals of the department work in coordination with colleagues of the practice who are specialized in other areas of law, such as company law, banking and financial law, fiscal law and employment law.

In the case of multijurisdictional problems, our lawyers collaborate with foreign professionals, using also international networks of which the practice is part.

Diritto Civile

The law firm offers extrajudicial consultancy in the drawing up and management of contracts in reference to the relationship between the principal contractor and the sub-contractors, assisting the client in the contentious phase in both the private and public sector of contracts.

We also consult in cases of property protection, separation of estates of spouses, the constitution of easements, purchasing of property for acquisitive prescription, real estate records and, in particular, investigations regarding the assessment of property, boundaries and distances between buildings. The practice benefits from the collaboration of land-surveyors and construction experts who manage the technical aspects, such as surveys, inspection drafting of the real estate records and cadastral plans.

We guarantee assistance in the field of marital separation and divorce with particular attention to the protection of emotional aspects and child custody. In respect to patrimonial aspects, assistance is provided for residential transfers during separations and divorce.

Assistance is provided in the phase of declaration of succession, in the actions of division of protection of lawful rights. For the quantification of the family patrimony, the practice collaborates with other professionals, such as accountants and surveyors, to determine the value of assets of companies and businesses. We assist the client in the areas of wills and patrimonial planning.

We offer complete consultancy in the field of employment law, in the juridical and extra juridical contention between employees and employers, or between taxpayers and social security institutes, providing the necessary professional capacity to elaborate analytical, accountancy reports.

Diritto Amministrativo

The law firm boasts consolidated experience in the field of administrative law, carrying out intensive activity in professional assistance in the field of contractualism and of public contracts in favour of Public Administration and of primary Italian businesses.

The law firm benefits from significant experience in public contracts of work, services, and utilities and in work and service permits. In such respects, consultancy in the sector of construction contracts and/or licenses is relevant.

In the field of extrajudicial assistance, the practice lends its consultancy to businesses and Public Administrations in both the phases of competing and execution of contracts.

We give assistance related to work and service permits and project financing for the development of primary infrastructural projects, touristic structures, commercial, sport and cultural, on the occasion of national and international events.

We also provide assistance relative to administrative law in the sectors of town-planning, construction, expropriation, transportation, mobile telephony and telecommunications in general, healthcare, industry, commerce, cultural property and in the field of settlements, pacts and contracts with the Public Administration in general.

We regularly assist in administrative cases before the entitled Judiciary Authorities (Regional administrative courts and State Council), in the field of administrative proceedings before Independent Administrative Authorities (Authorities of Surveillance of Public Contracts and Authorities of trading standards) as well as arbitrary trials, in proceedings before the Controller and Auditor General of the Exchequer and Audit Department and the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

We also provide our clients with judicial assistance before the entitled administrative, civil and criminal judicial authorities, to object acts or provisions of the public administration and compensation of damage.