Criminal Law

The law firm assists companies and individuals in the matter of business offences, bankruptcy, environmental crimes, work health and safety crimes, crimes against industry, the trade and protection of perishable goods, fraud and property crime, including recycling, corruption, extortion and offences against the public administration, of falsification and data processing.

Civil Law

The law firm offers extrajudicial contractual consultancy. We provide consultancy in cases of property protection, the separation of estates of spouses, and the constitution of easements, with the collaboration of land-surveyors and experts who manage the technical aspects. We also assist in the matter of marital separation, divorce and succession.

Administrative Law

The law firm provides assistance in relation to administrative law in the sectors of town-planning, construction, expropriation, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, industry, commerce, public financing and benefits, and in administrative cases before the entitled Judicial Authorities (Regional Administrative Courts and the Council of State).

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